Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Perfection was walking in the snow, listening to Goldfrapp's "Felt Mountain" album.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Isn't it loverly?

This was part of the table setting on Thanksgiving day.
I took lots of pictures of the decorations and neat little touches that my father's cousin's wife put all around the house.
She makes her own cards.
Not little tape a picture on a blank piece of paper kind of card.
But cards that are artful, cute, and very nice. I suppose you'd say "She's crafty." We had a wonderful long discussion after dinner and she showed me all of her tools, supplies, and sample cards. We talked about constantly gathering ideas and being inspired and how your brain will see one little detail and then take it from there and turn it into something else. I was very excited and of course wanted to run out and start a hundred different projects. But luckily, I've narrowed it down for now. I do want to make more things and someday have a spot on Etsy someday. But I do have a tendency to get really excited, try to do something grand or millions of things at once, and then never finish.
So I decided to finally use the liner notes that Houston has been giving me. When he buys an album, he discards the whole packaging and just puts the disc in a giant wallet thingy he has. I noticed this and asked him to start giving me the booklets inside, insisting that "I'd figure out a way to use them." And now, I have. I'm going to make rock-n-roll valentines. Using the booklets, lyrics from whichever band and some of the card making techniques I've learned and Voila! I figure this gives me not only enough time to finish but also another way of celebrating my favorite holiday.