Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I seem to really be slipping lately.

This summer, of course, I don't have exciting or frustrating stories of teaching to share, and apparently I don't have many other thoughts to share since this blog seems to be neglected. I'm still reading the other blogs I follow but for some reason (okay, several reasons) I cannot sit still long enough to write anything worthwhile besides lists.

I think I just don't want to really absorb what all has been going on. I'm dealing with the lovely stress of trying to find a job next year, while knowing that I have to be patient, that nothing really happens until August,etc. But that is hard. Especially when one wants to have just a regular old summer. I mean, I'm sort of bumming around, seeing friends, catching up on movies, getting a bike (here tomorrow, fingers-crossed) and doing the typical summer stuff.

But in the back of my mind and often in the fore-front as displayed in my recent crying fits, is the question "Will I get a chance to do the one thing I really love and am good at (teach) in a class of my own and be able to move out/on with my life or will it be another year of wandering and waiting?" (You can see that since it is such a long question, it must be a really burdensome question.)

I know that I have to be patient and remain positive. That this is a journey I must go through. That I can't understand the reasons for everything right now. But it is hard. I don't think most of my friends understand how much this really troubles me. And how much I sometimes feel like a failure.

And now, I've gone and done it...written too much and thought about the things I'm trying to push away. But the fingers click on the keyboard and I think aloud with this forgive me, few readers. Next blog post will definitely be upbeat and about MY BIKE!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I love right now...

She and Him "Volume One" album.
Getting rid of this nasty cold.
Looking for a bike.
Spending time with my family, all four together.
Discovering new art...see SAM's "Target Practice" exhibit.
The sunshine.