Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm totally an old lady.

We had an evacuation drill this week at my school. In order to prepare for grave disasters. The real disaster was the 8th graders. WHO WILL BE IN HIGH SCHOOL SOON. I was sickened by how ridiculous they were during the drill, how none of their teachers tried to control them, and how the stupid, yea I said it, principal just walked on by. I would have been screaming. Not because I think children should be seen and not heard. No, far from it if you know me, but rather I think that respect and responsibility should be taught to everyone regardless of your age. It was a drill, yes not a real emergency but dear god, how will they act then! And what kind of person in charge lets a whole grade level act like immature brats. I mean I was seriously embarrassed. It bothers me since I really have started to care about my Middle School students and I want the best for them. I admire who they are, I try to teach to them in a way that fits their individual needs and I'm such a good listener. But if you can't get a bunch of 13 to14 year olds to calm down for a few minutes during a drill then what kind of leader are you? I guess I'm old school in my ways sometimes. I really can't wait until school is done since I'm starting to get sick of everyone. Only 18 so more days to go!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I want...

A list of current desires.

1. A bike, a cruiser style bike.
2. To go to the aquarium.
3. Used cd store shopping.
4. New and interesting music by Bat for Lashes or Grandaddy.
5. Printmaking books and supplies and projects.
6. Library browsing.
7. An "I heart Houston" t-shirt.
8. To visit friends in other states.
9. A summer job that allows time for other things.
10. A full time job for next year.
11. Romantic possibilities and friendship beginnings.
12. The second season of Flight of the Conchords on dvd, now!
13. Doodling with new markers.
14. A moleskin notebook.
15. Lots of laughter.
16. Warm, lazy days like this Sunday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Small steps...

So of course it is like May now and I'm finally finding my stride, my place at the Middle School and we only have a month and some odd weeks left of school! Such is the life. I've decided to make the best of the short time and really try to listen, be positive and enjoy the students. I was told yesterday that I was nicer than another teacher and so that was why A (who is really bad in all of his other classes) is good for me. That and I've seen "Scary Movie," which he quotes all the time when he isn't making me laugh by talking in a British accent. I've also let go of the "what am I going to do next year" worries and am confident that it will all work out as it should, since it always does. Other than school and working out, my life is pretty quiet right now. Which I like. I have some art plans for this summer, print making and such. But otherwise, there is a stillness and a contentment in my life. I love Spring!